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New way of looking at your brand

It's difficult for any brand to take an unbiased, unfiltered assessment of how they are perceived by other people. WhyBuy is your strategic partner in approaching your business not as a cheerleader, but as your target audience

Our style thrives on delivering realistic depictions and impeccable production value with:

  • Brand awareness content
  • Culture and recruitment
  • Promotions, walkthroughs, and demos

We're strong believers in authentic videos that seamlessly blend education and entertainment. Our approach is custom-tailored to fit across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, creating a connection with target audiences and leaving a lasting impact

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Effective communication is not just what we deliver, but how we succeed with our clients and their unique objectives. We engage in knowledge sharing and attentive listening, ensuring the final product not only aligns with our clients vision, but also remains impeccably on budget and on schedule


From research on your business and your competitors, to scripting and storyboarding, we ensure every detail is mapped out. Our process involves meticulous planning and collaboration to shape your vision and provide transparency for how we do things. A seamless experience, tailored precisely to your unique goals


Our arsenal includes drones, gimbals, lenses, lights, and cameras – but that's not all. Beyond the equipment, we bring professional direction and innovation to the table, ensuring you feel confident with the creative assets we deliver. Our team's expertise create a relaxed and supportive environment, allowing genuine authenticity to come across with the work

Advertising & AI

Investing in content needs to be matched with an investment in awareness. Every post, video, or visual element is thoughtfully curated to integrate into a targeted distribution campaign. We build, manage, recommend budgets, and provide transparency with your ad campaigns and outbound initiatives. We have extensive experience with social media advertising platforms and automation. Save money and see results

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Indulge in the richness of our video gallery and witness the transformation of client ideas into captivating realities! From the rhythmic pulse of social media clips to the immersive storytelling of documentary-style explainers, we curate the perfect style for every brand message

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  • Photo
  • Video

Video short story

Explainer Video

Explainer Video

Short form

Thought provoking social media content and thought leadership videos establish brand authority and expertise


Generate excitement and awareness for a new announcement, service, or product with a highly engaging cinematic video

Explainer (most popular)

Educational and entertaining videos which communicate brand culture and complex topics

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Working on your project start to finish


While we look forward to speaking with you directly, we understand that you might have some questions about video production and maybe some questions about us!

  • Yes, we appreciate that digital marketing and video strategy might still be a new area for some businesses. Committing to a long term campaign can seem daunting, which is why we offer solutions that meet smaller budgets, but still yield impressive results with options to continue working with us afterwards

  • Certainly! In fact, if planned carefully, a single long form video can yield multiple shorts that engage and drive audiences to your website, offers, and additional content. Not only do we specialize in this, but there is significant cost savings in approaching your production this way

  • Indeed, we do! We've carved out a dedicated show known as WhyBuy. Streamed on YouTube and Block Communications Zone TV, this unique show is solely committed to curating customer testimonials that leave a lasting impact. Real customers become the stars, sharing their genuine buying stories with heartfelt enthusiasm for products, places, and experiences


The Show

Real people with great buying stories

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Ready to take the leap? Let's dive right in! Whether you're brewing up game-changing ideas or poised to unleash a creative storm, we're here and ready to connect. Drop us a line, and let's ignite some magic together

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